Class / Thick powerful ledgy waves

[ Ledge Master / Semi Guns ]

The "Ledge Master" or Semi Gun is designed for paddling, speed, control, and quickness in larger and thicker waves. Paddling and entry are a premium in these shapes. Performance is also an essential part of this design - quick response and maneuverability are essential to surfing effectively in these conditions. Semi guns feature the same elements of design found in a short board scaled to the conditions. Design features - Rocker: Swoop or continuous. Profile: Well foiled with a lot of hidden volume. Outline: Round Pin. Bottom Contours: Vee to single concave or Tri plane to vee. Rails: Low and thin or low and full - tuned to surf conditions, surfer's size, displacement, and technique. An essential part of any surfer's quiver who charges extreme conditions.


Board / Wire / CNC Images
Dimensions: 7' 6" x 19 1/4" x 2 3/4"
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